Interactive Tools To Help You Plan, Plant, and Grow

Calculators and resources to help you plan your growing season.


Geoff Lawton Ted Talk on Permaculture

This is a powerful TEDx talk where Geoff Lawton explains about how permaculture can build fertility and have a positive impact on climate change now with what humans can do and society has to offer.  He talks about how education centers teaching permaculture with demonstration sites in both urban and rural centers are the key to make this happen and that the Middle East is a prime opportunity to demonstrate this and has the potential to re-green the desert.
Geoff Lawton is an internationally renowned permaculture expert, consultant, and practioner who studied under Bill Mollison.

Harvesting and Saving Seeds From the Garden Pt. 2

“After harvesting seeds, what does one do to save them for the next year? Robyn Streeter grew up on a farm and has been actively growing food and teaching others how to grow food for many years through Your Backyard Farmer. She demonstrates the several steps she takes in saving seeds, shares some do’s and don’ts for storage, and describes which plants typically do not produce good seeds for growing in an urban environment.”