Local – Salt Lake County, Utah Seeking BOD Members for Salt Lake County Seed Swap

The Salt Lake County Seed Swap is seeking board members! Are you interested in helping build a quality community group dedicated to preserving wonderful seed genetics specific to our area and a strong gardening group of mentors and friends? We are looking for people to help us grow this community and keep it viable for years to come. Below is a list of possible positions for you to consider. It is proposed that board members serve a term of one year with 8-10 meetings a year for which to plan. Please ponder it and let us know! We will be seeking to fill these positions within the next six months and will begin preliminary discussion at our event on January 31st:
Where: Ruth Vine Tyler (Midvale) Library
When: Thursday, January 31st from 7:00 – 8:30pm• Chair
• Co-Chair
• Media Coordinator – maintains blog, FB page, website (webmaster/mistress)
• Media Assistant – helps to coordinate original posts and public content – please note that the Media Coordinator and Media Assistant jobs may be sub-divided and renamed as needed and makes sense according to job
• Public liaison – coordinates community outreach and participation, ways to find new members
• Group liaison – facilitates communication between board and members, maintains contact info
• Bank Coordinator – maintains seed bank and coordinates set up for swaps
• Bank Assistant – works with Coordinator to put together swaps, post rules and facilitate during swaps.
• Class Coordinator – maintains schedule for classes/topics of discussion, coordinates teachers, attains input from swap members on future topics
• Possibly in future – treasurer for organizing under 501 c-3 – in meantime, coordinates supply donations (envelopes, pens, etc)
• Secretary – maintains mission statement, rules for swaps, minutes for meetings, board decisions, etc.

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