Local – Salt Lake City, Utah Seed Germinating Class

Mololo Gardens is hosting a seed germinating class on Saturday, January 26 at 10:00 A.M.   Mololo Gardens is located at 361 West 400 South in Salt Lake City and the cost of the class is  $10.00.  This is what they say on their Facebook event link:

“Mololo seedlings are special, unique and grow into extraordinarily bountiful plants. This class will teach you the Mololo Garden secrets of growing amazing plants from seeds. This class teaches both the scientific side such as heat and light requirements along with the more subtle magical Mololo methods.
I’m really excited about this class. All Mololo trade secrets are to be released at this class! I’m holding nothing back. Great handouts with all the information you need to start just about anything and everything from seed! If I was going to attend only one class this year, this is the one I’d go to. Cost for the class is only $10. Unless you tell me you can’t afford it. Then you can come for free.”

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