Volunteer Teachers Needed For Salt Lake County Seed Swap Meetings

We’re fleshing out our class schedule for this year and are in need of teachers to help us out!  The classes are listed below and if you or anyone you’re familiar with has a passion for and some experience with these topics, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.
Classes should last about 45 minutes; the rest of the meeting will be dedicated to business and scheduled swaps.  You should plan for all levels of gardening experience amongst those you’re teaching.  If you are interested please send us a message on our Facebook page or as a comment to this post with your contact e-mail information.
*March – Covered Garden Class – how to grow in a greenhouse, hoop house, cold frame; how to grow year round  (You get the entire 1 ½ hours for this one).  Anything we should know regarding seed saving while employing these methods?
* April – Compost for the Home Gardener – explanation of the basics and ideas real people, with real backyards can use.  How does compost influence seed production?
* May – Water Wise Irrigation Options for the Home Gardener.  How does water influence seed production?
* June – Melons and Peppers – how do we get them to grow and thrive?!  How do we save the seeds?
*July – Backyard Poultry and the rules for Salt Lake County – what are some backyard options and what’s legal where we live?  How are chickens useful in the garden?
* September – Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners – how to get started and where to find equipment and bees here in the valley.  How do bees influence seed production?

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