Plant A Seed Saturday and Photo Contest

Give a Shit about Bees  is having an event Saturday, September 7, 2013 called PASS Plant a Seed Saturday:

“PASS – Plant A Seed Saturday
This month we are asking you to plant some garlic (just break your garlic into cloves and plant). Virtually every part of the plant can be put on your plate and their flowers are perfect for bees. Garlic is also relatively easy to grow and is a powerful, anti-bacterial, anti-viral herb. Each clove has the potential to produce a full garlic with cloves that could see you through for a week or more. Leave to flower and harvest later or pick out garlic just before flowering for bulbous garlic. Again, we are counting on you – big or small – to help out. For container gardening, place 1 clove per 6-8 inch pot. Please invite everyone on your friends’ list to partake in this event and lets spread the seeds around the world.”

To sweeten the pot they are having a photo contest for participants:

GASAB planting photo contest jpgClick on the above flyer to see better or visit GASAB’s poster on Facebook here.

The biggest action you can take on behalf of all pollinators is to plant nectar and pollen sources for them and be part of creating nourishing habitat.


Urban Bees – Noah Wilson-Rich

“We depend on bees to pollinate our crops yet the cost of these fruits and vegetables continues to rise as bees rapidly and mysteriously disappear. Noah Wilson-Rich, founder of Boston’s Best Bees Company, teaches us how urban beekeeping just might save a city and a species in this TEDPrize City 2.0 talk.”

8:25:13 big eyed pinkPhoto by Raven Simons
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Vandana Shiva: Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity, Sustainability, and Seed Saving

“we learn from the seed renewal
we learn from the seed generosity
we learn from the seed multiplicity
we learn from the seed diversity”
Vandana Shiva”