Ron Finley: Food Forest

“This film tells the story of a South Los Angeles edible garden planted in a surprising spot. Ron Finley, its planter, constructed the garden the way he wishes his neighborhood could be. And his vision of re-purposing unused open space, like that of many others working together on urban agriculture in our city, should inspire us all, and remind us of how, with a little creativity of vision, and willingness to get our hands dirty, we can remake spaces defined by asphalt and dead grass into productive places of beauty.”


Local – Salt Lake County, Utah Join a Community Garden

What do you do if you if you live in an apartment and want to grow some of your own fresh food?  Our friends at Wasatch Community Garden’s wrote on their Facebook page, “Community Garden Plots for 2013 are Available!!! If you have been interested in gardening at one of our community gardens, now is the time to apply. Plots are available at Cannon Greens, Sugar House Community Garden, Magna Community Garden, and our soon-to-be West Valley Community Garden.”

Four Ways the Local Food Movement is Transforming Race Relations in America

An excellent article from Good Magazine about the positive impact the local food movement is having on race relations and cultural diversity in the US.

What Can Be Planted Indoors for Early Spring Garden – Zone 5

Here’s a list from, of all places, of what we can be planting indoors right now for our early spring garden – this is for us zone 5 people. For other zones, adjust up or down a few weeks. So, what spring seeds will you be bringing to the swap? Be sure to rsvp on our events page…

First Week of January

Leek can be started indoors, from seed, in the beginning of the month of January and transplanted outdoors to the vegetable garden 8 weeks later. Usually, this is done in March as soon as the ground can be worked. Leek is a warm and cold weather crop, so it can continue to be successively planted throughout the summer. Some varieties of leek take up to 120 days to mature, so to ensure it can be harvest in time, leek should be planted directly in the garden no later than July 15th.


Celery can be started indoors, from seed, in the middle of January. The celery will be ready to transplant out to the garden 6 weeks later. As with leek, this is usually done in early March, as soon as the ground can be worked.

Local – Salt Lake City, Utah – People’s Market 7th Annual Seed Swap

People’s Market writes on their event on Facebook:

Come to the 2013 Seed Swap
Join us this January for the 2013 Seed Swap

The annual seed swap party is sponsored by the People’s Market, a local farmer’s and artisan market held June through October at the International Peace Gardens.

Specialty seeds offer unusual, unexpected garden variety and the potential of expanded income for market entrepreneurs. The gardeners and farmers who grow the produce and saved seeds come to share helpful tips for growing, harvesting, preserving and marketing.

Date: January 26, 2012
Time: 2:00-6:00pm
Place: Sorenson Unity Center,
1383 South 900
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Details: Open to the public

It’s time to get ready for the next gardening season at the People’s Market Seed Swap. Bring your seeds to trade or buy seeds from a local supplier. In addition to trading, or buying seeds, you will have the opportunity to attend a variety of free workshops at this event. Light refreshments and hot cocoa will be served—bring your family and friends!

How it works:
If you have leftover vegetable or flower seeds from last year, gather them up to trade or donate.
If you do not have seeds, you can buy them at the Seed Swap.
Attend free workshops at the event to strengthen your green thumb.
Use your new seeds to start or expand your space.

Register with us for our special swappers section this year, for those interested in preserving heritage seeds.

How to Make Super-Sturdy Tomato Cages

Now is the time when we dream of our summer gardens and are looking through the new offerings from favorite seed growers.  Here is a project from “Organic Gardening” magazine that you can start anytime to put aside for your favorite heirloom tomatoes.  These square vertical columns will keep your plants growing tall and strong in your backyard, urban homestead, or in a community garden.

Mathew Hoffman of The Living Seed Company Gives Advice

Check out this great Q & A about seed starting your garden: