Four Steps To Keep Monsanto Out of Your Garden

Excellent article and interesting update at the end about letters from Monsanto supporting seed companies.  Education and activism works and is the only way to help keep our food seed supplies viable.  Please read (including the links) and share far and wide!


The Three Sisters – or is it Four?

Excellent article/excerpt on permaculture plant guilds by Toby Hemenway.  This excerpt comes from the author’s book Gaia’s Garden.

Why Grow Your Own Brussel Sprouts?

Homestead Lady has an excellent article about growing Brussel sprouts.  Here is a small excerpt, “I love Brussels Sprouts; if you don’t love them, don’t grow them.  But, if you do, they really weren’t that hard.  I start most everything, especially in my early spring garden, indoors and there are several reasons why. ”  To read the rest of the article click here:

Enjoy ~ Raven

Worm Tubes, “A Worm Buffet”

From the Redeemed Gardener – this explains how to encourage worms in your garden beds by creating a little buffet section for them. Easy and inventive – I say it all the time, people are so clever! ~ Tessa

Planting guide

Need help starting vegetables? Check out Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds online guide!