Worm Tubes, “A Worm Buffet”

From the Redeemed Gardener – this explains how to encourage worms in your garden beds by creating a little buffet section for them. Easy and inventive – I say it all the time, people are so clever! ~ Tessa



Permaculture in Practice

Great video about permaculture.  This is what it says at Growtest.org, “This video, whose aim is to inspire people to start their own permaculture projects, shows how permaculture is practiced in four very different settings: a backyard garden, an urban community garden, a co-op restaurant garden, and a small farm.”


Fruit Tree Central: A Guide to all the Peaceful Valley Fruit Tree Information

Nice page with links to all kinds of great information for choosing and caring for fruit trees.


How to Make Super-Sturdy Tomato Cages

Now is the time when we dream of our summer gardens and are looking through the new offerings from favorite seed growers.  Here is a project from “Organic Gardening” magazine that you can start anytime to put aside for your favorite heirloom tomatoes.  These square vertical columns will keep your plants growing tall and strong in your backyard, urban homestead, or in a community garden.


Natural Insect Control

Good article from Mother Earth News on natural insect control; you can Google “integrated pest management” for more info. Chances are, between weeds and flowers, you already have a good start!